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Re: networking in rcS

On Sat, Jun 09, 2001 at 11:44:40PM -0400, Sean Dague wrote:
> > Moving S40networking out of rcS.d will require moving S45mountnfs.sh as
> > well (along with who knows what).
> That is true, probably everything > S40 would need to be moved out of there. 
> In my experience with other linux distributions single user mode doesn't
> bring up networking. [...]
> I'll register a bug tommorrow unless I see compelling arguements that the
> current way is the right way.  [...]

That's nice. It'll just get closed, unless you present a *very* compelling
argument as to why the current way is the wrong way.

"Red Hat does it differently" is not a remotely compelling argument,
for reference.

If single user mode isn't working for you, use "init=/bin/sh" in future.

aj (netbase maintainer)

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