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Re: networking in rcS

On Sat, Jun 09, 2001 at 04:28:19PM -0700, Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> It is not a bug.
> networking is in rcS.d for (at least) the following reason:
>   S35mountall.sh - mounts local filesystems
>   S40networking  - starts networking
>   S45mountnfs.sh - mounts NFS volumes from other servers
> Machines that mount their /usr or /usr/share or whathaveyou remotely
> would like to have networking up before attempting to mount those
> volumes.
> Moving S40networking out of rcS.d will require moving S45mountnfs.sh as
> well (along with who knows what).

That is true, probably everything > S40 would need to be moved out of there. 
In my experience with other linux distributions single user mode doesn't
bring up networking.  Often the reason you want single user mode is to
investigate possible breakins, or do filesystem operations that network
access would be seriously dangerous.  Having networking in rcS means single
user mode.... isn't.

I'll register a bug tommorrow unless I see compelling arguements that the
current way is the right way.  Figured I would at least float it on the list
first to figure out if someone had an explaination I was missing.


Sean Dague

There is no silver bullet.  Plus, werewolves make better neighbors than
zombies, and they tend to keep the vampire population down.

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