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Re: Mozilla NMU (Kitame, *please* read!)

To quote Robert McQueen <robot101@debian.org>,
> On Sat, Jun 09, 2001 at 07:07:10PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > Sorry to have to say this, but would you guys please stop that
> > non-US-is-a-ghetto crap already? Our CD image team seem to spend
> > considerable effort on creating CDs that contain non-US/main, too.
> > Those CD sets work great. If a CD vendor doesn't want to burn those
> > it's them who suck, not our non-US section!
> OK, you may well be right, but the non-US thing is a tangent to my
> original point. That is that Myth is now definitely working on 0.9.1
> packages for Debian release (he has a changelog that closes bugs...
> yup...) and that be it non-US or main, crypto or not, at least the
> of mozilla, the browser, libs, etc will be uploaded within days. So
> right now an NMU would just be needlessly disruptive and
> counterproductive.

And if 0.9.2 gets released before he's done with 0.9.1? Or if 1.0 is
released before he's done? Will he then start packaging it, letting the
packages in Debian become even more out-of-date?

David Barclay Harris, Clan Barclay
           Don't panic.

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