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Mozilla NMU (Kitame, *please* read!)

Just read the thread 'Intent to NMU mozilla...' and thought I should
raise a few points. Firstly, this entire thing has not yet had any
bearing on any release of Debian. Myth has clearly stated that he will
resolve it in time for woody release, so I don't think there is as much
urgency as we all think.

Secondly, Myth is paid by Ximian to package mozilla anyway, and it makes
very little sense to duplicate effort and make packages alongside his,
in some kind of bizzare competition. He has explained why he hasn't
uploaded anything, but that doesn't mean he isn't working on it. I have
been keeping myself informed with his progress packaging 0.9.1 over the 
past few days. He has various patches and bugfixes added (being in
communication with the Mozilla hackers), but is having problems with PSM
causing Mozilla to hang.

He thinks this is because of libnspr. If you're wondering why it's
split, it's because they (those Mozilla hackers again...) say he should
use official releases. The libnspr included with the Mozilla source is
an experimental libnspr, and not directly recommended for
packaging/distribution. Of course, if it's required to make Mozilla
0.9.1 work, I'm sure Myth will use it. A point to raise is that Mozilla
havn't actually released 0.9.1 source tarballs yet, nor any libnspr they
say works with it, so all this work is on the CVS branch, so things
aren't finalised yet.

But more importantly, Myth is working on these packages, and will work
on them anyway. He will certainly upload full packages if/when the
crypto ruling comes back positive, otherwise he will upload
crypto-removed packages to main, and work on something for non-US that
doesn't waste a lot of archive space with duplicate Mozilla source.

That said, it is my understanding that Kitame's interests in a newer
Mozilla stem (not to say that there are not other reasons) from being
able to have Nautilus built with a new and reliable Mozilla engine
embedded. Others want to proceed with packaging of galeon, skipstone,
light, etc, and others just want to see the latest and greatest Mozilla
in the archive to play with. So I have a solution to propose.

In my opinion, the least confrontational way for this situation to be
resolved would be a compromise. Myth could (and I'll help if at all
possible) prepare and upload crypto-removed packages to main ASAP. This
means everyone gets a newer Mozilla, and the Mozilla-based packages can
update as necessary. If crypto can't go into woody, these packages will
remain. If it can, then Myth can upload a full set of Mozilla packages,
which as far as we can tell will not break the Mozilla-based ones.

Obviously we'd have to work on getting the necessary PSM parts stripped
out of the main Mozilla source and into a package in non-US, but in the
mean time I think this is an acceptable compromise. What do you all
think? Kitame?


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