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Re: ITP: squeak-vm, squeak-image, squeak-sources -- A highly portable Smaltalk system

On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 12:38:25AM -0400, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
> > You omitted the first letter of the quote: "W".  It reads "Where the
> > Licensee is located in the province of Quebec, Canada, ..."
> So it excludes Quebecers. So it is not free.

no, it doesn't exclude them.

there's a specific clause in the license to deal with a specific
weirdness of law in Quebec.

> True. But if some non-english Quebec who only speak french refuses in
> good conscience to accept that clause, he won't be even granted the
> use of the program.

so what?

if some non-english Quebec refuses in good conscience to accept some
clause of any other free software license then they won't be able to
re-distribute the software and possibly wont even be able to use it
(depending on the license - the GPL only covers distribution, not
use...but other free software licenses do address usage).

ditto if the person happens to be an english speaker or not in Quebec.

this clause is morally no different to a clause saying that a
license/contract is to giverned according to the laws of a particular

it's legal boilerplate setting the terms of reference.


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