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Re: ITP: squeak-vm, squeak-image, squeak-sources -- A highly portable Smaltalk system

On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 03:18:21AM -0400, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
> > I will make the license available at:
> > 	http://people.debian.org/~bagpuss/copyright

> Btw, this license is unacceptable for at least one point: "here the
> Licensee is located in the province of Quebec, Canada, the following
> clause applies: The parties hereto confirm that they have requested
> that this Agreement and all related documents be drafted in English.
> Les parties ont exig? que le pr?sent contrat et tous les
> documents connexes soient redig?s en anglais."

You omitted the first letter of the quote: "W".  It reads "Where the
Licensee is located in the province of Quebec, Canada, ..."

> This clause is the worse clause in a software license I have ever
> seen. It just forbid people deciding to live in their own language to
> use that program.

I don't understand what you're on about.  This is legal boilerplate
that appears on all English-language legal documents in Quebec that I
have seen.

I presume the Apple lawyers figure it is necessary for the license
to be enforceable here.  They could be right.  We are blessed with
some weird laws, here.

In any case, the fact that the license is written in English (as is
the GNU GPL), has zero to do with what language you speak when you use
the program.

> This is just obnoxious. I may not be as radical as RMS is. But even
> Microsoft is not as restrictive as this.

I don't have one to check, but I wouldn't be suprised to see it on
a Microsoft license written in English.

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