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bug packages for autobuilders

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

    Ben> You can't file a bug on
    Ben> the autobuilder for not special casing a crappy setup, so
    Ben> you'll be stuck anyway.

This is mainly because you can't file a bug on the autobuilders.
While I agree that filing a bug on the autobuilders in this particular
case is wrong, I do believe that like other parts of Debian, you
should be able to file bugs on autobuilders because they sometimes do
buggy things.  I care about making sure that my packages are available
on as many arches as is reasonable, so I'm likely to look at failed
build logs for my packages before the autobuilder maintainers get
around to it.

Sometimes, I notice that the problem was not in my package but rather
was in the autobuilder.  Most of the time this is m68k autobuilder
mirror problems, but it has been other things as well.  Currently I
just send mail to to the port list asking what is up.  However, it
would be nice if there were bug categories for each port so you could
track this sort of thing and know what issues the autobuilder
maintainers were already looking at.  I don't want to be an annoying
developer, complaining that my particular problems haven't been dealt
with.  However, I do want to bring things I notice to people's
attention hopefully to ease the problem determination phase of their
jobs.  I think bug categories for the each arch autobbuilder would
help in this goal.

Am I confused or would it be worth trying to do this?

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