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ITP: maks -- software bundle for Euracom ISDN PABX

Severity: wishlist
Package: wnpp

This bundle contains software for configuration, extracting fee data and
CTI applications of an Euracom ISDN PABX. (Compatibles like Quante Maxima
or Bosch Integral are supported as well.)

in particular, these programs are included:
(Names and short descriptions are unchanged from the home page, so they
 are partially German...)

Timm    - Telephone Integration Main Module
  the network server, runs on a machine with serial port connected to the

Sarah     - Server Access and Remote Administration Helper 
  shows connections to Timm, allows simple admin tasks

Gabi    - Gebuehren Auswertungs Basis Interface
  reads connection/fee data from the PABX

RiKe     - Rufnummern Integration und Kurzwahl Export (KDE-Version) 
  editor for integrated phonebook of the PABX (for KDE)

Rike     - Rufnummern Integration und Kurzwahl Export (zeilenorientiert) 
  command line version of RiKe

Lion     - Line Interface On Network 
  computer aided dial tool

Alina     - Automatic Line Interface Network Application
  shows PABX and port status 

Kim - Konfigurations-  und InformationsModul
  tool for dumping data from the PABX (for scripting use)

Tino - Telephon Integration - Number Optimizer
  least cost routing configurator

Rolf - Relais OnLine Functions
  little tool to switch integrated relais on/off

Elisa - ETSI/Linklevel/Isdn/S0-Bus-Analyzer
  (just needed for ISDN hacking ;)

SetMaxSpeed     - Setzt die Portgeschwindigkeit der Anlage
  tool to set serial port speed on the PABX

Details about the packege can be found on its home page:
http://www.ganzfix.de/euramax.html (sorry, in German only)

License: GPL/LGPL/unknown, depending on what part of the source you look
         at. Will be cleared before packaging.

The code looks old, but very useful (for those who own such a PABX ;)

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