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hey developers,
still in shame about the recent noise i created over the lame
packaging impossibility, i am contacting you again... this time i hope
i am not going to cause grief.

i am a linux-maniac ready to give all my energy to debian. after
testing five other distribution i concluded that debian is *so far*
superior to any of the others (redhat, suse, mandrake, slackware,
yellow dog). now i am basically looking for ways to give back to the
community since the community gave me a wonderful distribution which
by now runs on all but one of my computers.

i know of several ways how to help out - translation being probably
the most obvious considering that i am fluent in 4 languages and quite
good at 2 others. nevertheless, i am about to graduate and after that,
i am looking for stuff to do which doesn't occupy my brain, simply
because i am burnt out. truly honestly burnt out. of course, i can
still operate computers at full power because i am a geek, but any
form of intellectual work will have to wait for at least the fall to

so i am wondering what else i can do, and my most immediate dream is
the adoption of a package (or two, or three...). i have compiled
several packages myself because i wanted to have additional features
to the debian standard, or because i was playing around and actually
acquainting myself with the build process, and i think i am ready.
however, whenever i see something i would like to package, it's either
not packageable, or already adopted. that's really depressing...

do you guys have any particular software for which you need packagers?
or is there someone looking to give up package maintenance for
whatever reason? i would so gladly like to jump in...

on a related note, but without much hope, let me ask a question about
OpenOffice - given a way around the JDK/JRE stuff, is there anyway
that this could be packaged? or what about StarOffice? SuSE does so,
so debian should be able to. I did a search and found a couple of
people who said they'd want to do it, but neither package is out there
yet. or, of course, i am stupid. names include adrian bunk and clay
crouch - what's up with the package?

well, too much babbling on my part... if you can't help me, maybe you
can give me hints where to start. Just like with Pink Floyd, i was
just born too late to be on the cutting edge - whatever i say on the
mailing list has been said before. it's really a shame. and the same
with Debian - it seems that everything is packaged and now my energy
can't go anywhere...

am i making sense?

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
  \____ echo mailto: !#^."<*>"|tr "<*> mailto:"; net@madduck
the young lady had an unusual list,
linked in part to a structural weakness.
she set no preconditions.

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