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Re: adopt-a-package


Quoting MaD dUCK (madduck@madduck.net):
> i know of several ways how to help out - translation being probably
> the most obvious considering that i am fluent in 4 languages and quite
> good at 2 others. nevertheless, i am about to graduate and after that,
Translation is good. there are not that much people doing translation work,
as far as i know; and it's easy to contribute there. (as you can do it
trough bugs, and don't actually need to go trough the NM process)

> so i am wondering what else i can do, and my most immediate dream is
> the adoption of a package (or two, or three...). i have compiled
If there are packages you want to maintain, you do need to go trough the NM
process. Did you take a look at the 'demands' and tips on
http://nm.debian.org ?

> do you guys have any particular software for which you need packagers?
> or is there someone looking to give up package maintenance for
> whatever reason? i would so gladly like to jump in...
There is http://bugs.debian.org/wnpp  (work needing and prospective

<snipping stuff about openoffice; which i don't know anything about>

> am i making sense?
I think you were, kind of :)


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