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Re: Bug#95975: mutt: doesn't use charset anymore

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 07:27:16AM +0000, Alexander Koch wrote:
> > Just use LC_CTYPE=de_DE. It'll work fine in mutt. (The problem is, if
> > I remember correctly, that X uses ISO8859-1, without the first dash.)
> Ok, but now I am confused...
> LANG=de_DE
> Should give me german umlauts and the prompts/messages
> should still be like before, right? Do I really not have
> to set ISO-8859-1 somewhere?

Yes, because the locale alias file will assume ISO-8859-1 automatically.

% grep ^de_DE'	' /usr/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias
de_DE                                           de_DE.ISO8859-1

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