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Re: Bug#95975: mutt: doesn't use charset anymore

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 05:51:53PM -0700, Ben Gertzfield wrote:
> >>>>> "Paul" == Paul Seelig <pseelig@mail.Uni-Mainz.de> writes:
>     Paul> I think that *mutt* is definitely broken in this regard,
>     Paul> because *no* other console program i know (e.g. mc or pine)
>     Paul> breaks like this using the very same libc. 
> It's not just mutt.  GTK+ has the same problem. 

ls does the same thing. It's a fact of life; locales need to be
configured if you're not working in 7bit ASCII.

> The solution is to get LANG set to at least en_US by default for
> everyone, as LANG=C is just not useful any more.

LANG=C is useful for many people (works for me!) Changing the LANG to
en_US may have some unexpected side effects and should not be done
without at least some thought for the consequences. (E.g., the sort
order will be radically different.) Setting only LC_CTYPE is a
possibility, but that definately needs further discussion.

Mike Stone

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