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Re: Bug#95975: mutt: doesn't use charset anymore

On May 02, Paul Slootman <paul@murphy.nl> wrote:

 >Well, (as I wrote), mutt's manual.txt says that the charset setting is
 >used for that.
This is your interpretation of the manual.

 >>  >So what's the point of the charset setting? After all, the manual.txt
 >> It tells mutt about which charaset you are typing.
 >The exact quote from the docs is:
 >  Character set your terminal uses to display and enter textual data.
 >Note the "display" in addition to "enter". So not only:
 >> It tells mutt about which charaset you are typing.
 >but also what can be displayed.
Do you know any terminal type for which this is not the same?
I agree it may be confusing, if you can think of a better wording please
submit a patch to mutt-dev@mutt.org.

 >(*) I really hate it when people close bugs with a one-liner (or less)
 >answer, without any substantiating motivation. Especially when parts of
That's fair. I have when people keep reporting this as a bug even after
it has been discussed many times in many other bug reports.


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