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Re: Bug#95975: mutt: doesn't use charset anymore

close 95975

On May 02, Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> wrote:

 >So I should now set en environment variable to get mutt working the way
 >it used to, which was a "reasonable" mode of operation.  IMHO that's in
 >violation of policy section 10.9:
 >	A program must not depend on environment variables
 >	to get reasonable defaults.
You'd better reassign this bug to libc then, guess what is mutt using to
determine if a character is printable or not?

 >So what's the point of the charset setting? After all, the manual.txt
It tells mutt about which charaset you are typing.

 >Obviously it doesn't work that way anymore!  So don't say I should read
It just does not work the way you think it does.


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