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Re: rfc1149

>>>>> "JHV" == Jaldhar H Vyas <jaldhar@debian.org> writes:

    >> Actually, I think it has been implemented recently.  I think
    >> maybe a Debian package would have to go into contrib though,
    >> unless you can find a way to squeeze pigeons into a .deb ;-)

    JHV> Haven't you heard the expression "free as a bird"?  Pigeons
    JHV> belong in main.  We just need to create new section of the
    JHV> archive up in a tree or something.

Seems to me that technical difficulties would require doing an
rfc1149-installer package in non-free. The installer could use debconf
to get your credit card number and then use wget to order the
requisite number of correctly-sized birds sent to your house by
FedEx. Of course, it would have to sleep while the birds were being
delivered, but then it could install them at the proper place in your
directory hierarchy according to the AHS*.

Obviously, if doves were used, both pigeons and doves would have to
provide the pseudo-package "avian-packet-carrier" and the installer
package would need to update-alternatives as appropriate.


*Avian Hierarchy Standard.

Evan Prodromou

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