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Re: ITP: serpento -- dictd server written in python

On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 02:17:40PM -0500, David Starner wrote:
> On Wed, May 02, 2001 at 09:04:29PM +0200, Radovan Garabik wrote:
> > Package: wnpp
> > Severity: wishlist
> > 
> > serpento is a dict (RFC 2229) server
> > written in python.
> > 
> > I am the author, package is already ready and being 
> > duploaded.
> Cool. The description will mention the differences between it and
> dictd, won't it?

Also, does it use /var/lib/dictd/db.list or /etc/dictd.conf? If it
doesn't, then some sort of install-dict-dictionary needs to be made
and all the dict-* packages made to use it, or serpento needs to be
fixed to use it.

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