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Re: Proposing task-debian

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> How does this allow you to remove a task package in an intuitive way?  That
> is what this discussion was about.

I am not exactly sure if debfoster does exactly this (at least it does
similar), but this is what would call the perfect solution:

% apt-get install task-foo

there is a new field Installed-by or something in the apt database.

Installed-by: manual

Installed-by: auto

% apt-get remove task-foo
'package-task-foo-depends-on' which was required for 'task-foo' was
installed automatically as a dependency, but is not necessary anymore.
Do you want to remove it? [Y/n]

If a package is set Installed-by: auto and later manually apt-get 
install'ed, the field would be updated to manual. Just a thought.
On apt-get remove also only those package would be checked that are
depended on by the package to be removed.


Roland Bauerschmidt

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