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Re: Proposing task-debian

On 05/01/2001 12:40:24 PM roland wrote:

>> Vince Mulhollon wrote:
>> > From my poor memory, the "generally agreed best idea" is to setup two
>> > packages, vaguely like this:
>> >
>> > Package name: task-abc
>> > Conflicts: task-abc-remove
>> > Depends: abc, bcd, cde, def
>> >
>> > Package name: task-abc-remove
>> > Conflicts: task-abc, abc, bcd, cde, def
>> Please, NO! This is a pretty ugly hack and there are better ways to do
>> this, e.g. the debfoster aproach. I don't agree at all with you that
>> this is the "generally agreed best idea". Rather the opposite.

Oh, I don't know if it's an ugly hack.  Think about it, theres one program
or system that handles conflicts and dependencies.  Why not rely on it?
Making multiple programs to do the same function (installing and removing
packages) is probably not the prettiest method.

As far as "generally agreed best idea" goes, I put it in quotes for a
reason.  As with all things Debian there is no way to make everyone happy.

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