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Re: problems with atari800

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 09:05:33PM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> $ host -a www.signus.demon.co.uk
> www.signus.demon.co.uk  MX      10 punt-1.mail.demon.net
> www.signus.demon.co.uk  MX      10 punt-2.mail.demon.net
> So, it seems there are at least MX records for this address, but no A or
> CNAME records.  So the web site, it seems, does not exist for the moment.
> You may, however, be able to contact someone via email to that address.

$ host -a www.i-smell-a-wildcard-here.demon.co.uk
www.i-smell-a-wildcard-here.demon.co.uk MX      10 punt-1.mail.demon.net
www.i-smell-a-wildcard-here.demon.co.uk MX      10 punt-2.mail.demon.net

Demon are well known for having wildcards in their DNS. If you didn't
get an A or CNAME record back, the account's dead.

Paul Martin <pm@debian.org>

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