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Re: Many ports open by default

On 30 Apr 2001 15:30:48 -0400, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
> > As always, that would be true if they weren't installed by default. The
> > current method requires too much prior knowledge.
> This could be put as a question whenever someone installs Debian
> GNU/Linux. Something like "Do you want to enable the installed server
> software by default. Beware that this might cause security problems on
> your system since it is recommended to only run server programs if and
> only if needed. If you do not feel confident enough with system
> administration, you should answer No here."

I like this idea a lot. Newbies simply don't know if they need a daemon
or not (or even what a daemon is sometimes), so they could use a little
hand holding. While I agree with Craig that if you don't want it run,
then either don't install or edit by hand, but I think that this doesn't
apply at all if it's installed by default. If you know enough to know
you need the server, then you should be able to install it yourself, you
don't need it installed by default for you.

- David Nusinow

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