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Boost and Loki

Steve M. Robbins wrote:

[Info on Boost snipped.  This is a reply to a discussion
about wnpp bug #95251 (RFP: Boost) and is purposely not
CC'd to bugs.debian.org because it doesn't add any
relevant information to that thread. ]

Great idea.  In fact, Raphael wrote a message to debian-devel in March
<http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-0103/msg00946.html> proposing to
package this.  I see now that he didn't file a bug on WNPP, however.

Ah, good!  I should have checked d-d as well, but I assumed
everything went to wnpp.  I'm extremely grateful that someone
is doing this.  It will be of great help.

Since we're on the topic of C++ libraries, has anyone looked
at Loki from Andrei Alexandrescu?  It is described in
"Modern C++ Design" from AW, but the website
(www.moderncppdesign.com)is currently down.  I'm not sure of
the license.  Loki is a library of (among other things)
templates that implement a small object allocator, generic
functors, mutimethods and some common design patterns like
factories, visitors and the like.  It also includes a nifty
"typelist" idea that makes working with templates extremely
friendly.  I know this library would get _heavy_ use in my work.

Some recent discussion on gcc-devel concluded that Loki uses
some non-standard (read: illegal) C++ code, so that would
have to be fixed.

I don't want to file a formal RFP until the website comes back
up (I got the sense that it was moving to a more permanent
location) and I can find out about the license.



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