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Re: Boost and Loki

On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 03:37:20PM -0500, David A. Greene wrote:
> Since we're on the topic of C++ libraries, has anyone looked
> at Loki from Andrei Alexandrescu?  It is described in
> "Modern C++ Design" from AW, but the website
> (www.moderncppdesign.com)is currently down.  I'm not sure of
> the license.  Loki is a library of (among other things)

See http://cseng.aw.com/book/0,3828,0201704315,00.html and the "Source
Code" link on that page.

To me it looks like the official site(s) are misconfigured. They
redirect to a missing page.

The source files contain the following notice:

// The Loki Library
// Copyright (c) 2001 by Andrei Alexandrescu
// This code accompanies the book:
// Alexandrescu, Andrei. "Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design 
//     Patterns Applied". Copyright (c) 2001. Addison-Wesley.
// Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell this software for any 
//     purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that the above copyright //     notice appear in all copies and that both that copyright notice and this //     permission notice appear in supporting documentation.
// The author or Addison-Welsey Longman make no representations about the 
//     suitability of this software for any purpose. It is provided "as is" 
//     without express or implied warranty.

Which looks perfectly DFSG compliant to me.

I haven't really tried using them yet, but I already noticed that the
Thread support has only been done for win32, so someone will have to
write some additional (probably simple, if you know about pthreads)

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