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Re: ITP: ttf-japanese-kandata

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 12:22:46AM +0000, Takashi Okamoto wrote:
> I send mail to Kandata authors Mr. Wakaba and Mr. Uchida.
> I confirmed above copyright is not accurate at following points:
> 	- Omega font haven't been used already (Mr. Uchida's said)
> 	- "Other part" (Kandata specific parts) are ALMOST Public
>           Domain. It means Mr. wakaba took other works while early 
>           developement kandata. And he tried to confirm their license
>           some times in the past but he couldn't because their
>           document were not remained yet. Mr. wakaba said "I think
> 	  there is no problem because I(wakaba) and Mr.UCHIDA remake a
>           lot of glyphs and nobody point out the problem up to
>           now. But I can't guarantee it."
> Kandata is almost free. But unfortunately, there is a little unclear
> point. Although it may be very little, we can't negate it. Kandata
> should be gone to non-free, because we must guarantee complete free
> for main package by DSC.
> Does anybody have other opinion?

If the point lacking clarity is the specific license on some pieces of the
package, those can't be distributed at all.  The default license for any
copyright is "All Rights Reserved", and the type of distribution that
Debian does from its FTP/HTTP archives is not regarded as Fair Use.

Therefore, we have to have an explicit license that grants permission to
distribute electronically at no charge, just to get it into non-free.
Needless to say, there are a lot more permissions we must have for the
license to be non-free.

The bottom line: if a license is missing altogether, and we do not know
that it is in the public domain, we cannot distribute it at all.

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