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Re: ALL: PARANOID from /etc/hosts.deny Should be Commented by default


Quoting PiotR (piotr@omega.resa.es):
> > that would be right.  mediocre people tend to think that only arseholes
> > bother to get things right.
> Hitler thought that too.
> > i'm glad that debian is made by and for people who want to be better
> > than mediocre. i'm sick to death of mediocre people and this mediocre
> > world that they've made.
> Your megalomania has nothing to do with /etc/hosts.deny and there is no /dev/gas_chamber that you have permissions on. 
> Seriously. You are not making any sense in all this.
With these remarks, you do not only show childishness, but also the inability 
to communicate in a normal, reasonable way. 
Getting your point across is fine, but use real arguments instead of stupid 
WWII referrals (that don't even make sense in this context).

At least you've proven not to contribute anything useful to the discussions
here, so my killfile is happy to have you.

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