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Re: syslog.conf is utter crap?

Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt schrieb:
> Is this standard for most Debian installations?


> Do most people use sysklogd? Or have they switched to syslog-ng / msyslog ?

Msyslog has still got lot's of rough edges, and the
syslog-common stuff I'm doing needs some more work as well.
(Logcheck isn't up to the job of rotating syslog logs either,
but I'm told that somebody is working on that too.)

> And do these packages have better setups?

For msyslog I just ripped out everything of syslog.conf that
msyslog doesn't know. Personally I like the current way logs are
split for workstation environments ("something is wrong and you
don't know what? Check /var/log/syslog"). Maybe I finally have
to learn more about debconf ...

> Please, somebody, enlighten me - if sysklogd is default, and most people run 
> with this kind of defect logging, would there be anybody interested in me 
> trying to create a new syslog.conf? Or is this wasted effort, better spent on 
> other things (like helping with the other two packages)?

Any suggestion to what syslog setups you made good experiences
with are appreciated, though I'm not shure what other packages
might breack if we make fundamental changes to where logging
goes. Alejo (primary upstream) is in my experience open for
suggestions too, and recently very responsive (there's a TODO
list, go for it! ;).

> Also, if anybody knows if there are any standards in this
> field, please lemme know!

apt-get souce sysklogd

Yes, it's painful sometimes.

ciao, 2ri
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