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Re: ITP: lb, lb-scripts


Quoting Alexander Reelsen (ar@rhwd.net):
> Would one install the gatherer and monitor but not the alerter? I don't
> think so, so you could put them into one package instead of a task
> package. If it was a client/server structure it would be another case but
> in this one you could stick with one package as well, or?
Short: it is a client/server structure ;)

One would - a setup _could_ consist of a couple of machine that do
monitoring; log their stuff to the gatherer (maybe a dedicated machine that
only does gathering of alerts) - the 'alerter' reads from a spool of alerts
to process, currently trough the filesystem. If one uses NFS or some other
network-based file sharing system, the 'alerter' can be run on a seperate
machine as well. My guess is that most of the time the gatherer and the
alerter run on the same machine.

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