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Re: Progeny Debian 1.0 released

On Mon, 09 Apr 2001 12:22:29 CDT "Brooks R. Robinson" <brooks.robinson@rides.com>

> Reduced rates and/or waiver of fee are available for Debian-related
> advertisements. You must consult the list operator in advance of posting for
> any reduction or fee waiver.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------
> So, perhaps the fee should be $1999 USD (shouldn't this go up by year, so
> maybe $2001).  However, this is Debian related, so perhaps a fee waiver is
> in order (after all Ian Murdock is the guy in charge).

How about Progeny pays a bunch of guys to work on boot-floppies full time, 
and then the fee is waived? *g*

Seriously, however - Progeny has done a good deal of work for us, and 
while perhaps Branden should have checked with whomever the list operator 
is first, I think his post was following the spirit of the no-advertising 
clause. As he pointed out, its free for download; as for the technical 
support mentioned in the post, I doubt that anyone who reads this list 
will need that. And, Progeny has made a very decent level of contributions 
to Debian ;)

Branden, re your mail: I don't mind seeing these sort of announcements 
from Progeny on the list. Shouldn't reach excessive levels, but an 
occasional post concerning major releases and whatnot is fine.


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