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RE: Progeny Debian 1.0 released

> Previously Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Media Contact:
> > Aaron Stenhoff
> > Progeny Linux Systems, Inc.
> > (317) 833-0313 (ext. 137)
> > stenhoff@progeny.com
> So, do we get $1k for posting an advertisement now?
> Wichert.

This is from http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/
Debian mailing list advertising policy

This policy is intended to fight mailing-list "spamming".

The Debian mailing lists accept commercial advertising for payment. The fee
for advertisments is a donation of USD 1000 or more to "Software in the
Public Interest" (SPI). One donation per advertisement, please. If you
prefer to pay in  arrears, simply post your advertisement to the list, and
the list operator will bill you USD 1999. The list operator will donate this
amount, minus the expense of collecting it, to SPI. Please note that the
lists are distributed automatically -- messages are generally not read or
checked in any way before they are distributed.

The act of posting an advertisement indicates your willingness to

     accept responsibility for the fee,
     indemnify the list operator against any legal claims from you or others
in connection with your advertisement, and
     pay any legal and business expenses incurred in collecting late

Our liability to you is limited to a good-faith effort to deliver your

Reduced rates and/or waiver of fee are available for Debian-related
advertisements. You must consult the list operator in advance of posting for
any reduction or fee waiver.

So, perhaps the fee should be $1999 USD (shouldn't this go up by year, so
maybe $2001).  However, this is Debian related, so perhaps a fee waiver is
in order (after all Ian Murdock is the guy in charge).


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