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Re: Build-depends on archaic versions of software wrong!

>>>> "HMH" == Henrique M Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> writes:


>> I don't know if this is the solution;
HMH> Unfortunately, yes. The xml-i18n-tools maintainer must fix his package to
HMH> work with the new gettext, and all other maintainers must fix their packages
HMH> to always use the newest xml-i18n-tools- and gettext-provided code and M4
HMH> macros.

HMH> If you want help with that, I could try to.

Now I just uploaded a fixed sawfish and gtkhtml package.

I've started to hack the Makefile.in.in patch and I just need to test that.

If I can find a solution I'll e-amil you.



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