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Re: Build-depends on archaic versions of software wrong!

>>>> "SV" == Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:


>> But removing wrong msgstr isn't realy nice.

SV> If you prefer you can leave the bug unfixed ("package does not build
SV> under unstable"), but then the package would probably be removed from
SV> testing because this is a serious bug. This could mean woody is released
SV> without this package. I don't think this is nicer than removing a few
SV> wrong msgstr entries in a few .po files.

Yes, I know this is *the* problem.

Another problem is the xml-i18n-tools package.

This scrip "xml-i18n-toolize" patch po/Makefile.in.in and this patch work only
with gettext 0.10.35 (I know this is a wild hack)

Then the debian maintainer can rewrite this patch but in that case package
who use xml-i18n-toolize need to run gettextize.

I don't know if this is the solution;


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