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Re: Question about Woody

Jason Victor <sloppyj123@yahoo.com> wrote:
>Hello! I think it's high-time I get woody installed before i start to
>contribute to your excellent project... i'm still using potato... if i
>do this will i screw up my system? just wondering.

It's unlikely, but you should be prepared to fix the occasional problem
that might occur. The most common are broken dependencies and packages
otherwise being uninstallable due to broken maintainer scripts, both of
which should be significantly rarer in woody than in sid. (I run sid
both at home and on my workstation at work, and both are fine, but I
usually know what to do if things go wrong and when not to upgrade my
work machine.)

Keep an eye on the developer mailing lists, which is where problems in
testing and/or unstable tend to be discussed.

If you want complete stability and don't feel capable of fixing the odd
problem for yourself, you could install potato in a small chroot and
upgrade that to woody/sid for the purpose of building packages.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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