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Re: Ian Jackson in San Francisco this weekend (~ 6th April)

begin  Sean 'Shaleh' Perry quotation:
> the pub we met at a month or two back is nice.  How far is that from
> Ian?

	Well, given that I walked there from my previous apartment
(which was a few blocks away from Ian), it's not that far.  It's
walking distance from the embarcadero BART and metro station, and Ian
can ride one metro stop if it's too far for him to walk.

> I would like a pub/bar kind of atmosphere, but do not let me control
> the group.

	Well, I'll agree that it's a good idea.  The Thirsty Bear
has terrible acoustics, and is often rather busy.  It might be a good
place to meet, but it doesn't provide a good sustained discussion

	I cannot actually confirm that I'll be able to make it tonight
(I had to head into the office today, so I may be staying late *ugh*).

	It may be easiest for folks to meet at the W lobby and just
venture forth from there.  It's two blocks from BART and Muni Metro,
so your options are pretty good (and there is a little bar thing

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