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Re: Ian Jackson in San Francisco this weekend (~ 6th April)

begin  Sean 'Shaleh' Perry quotation:
> What are our other choices?

	Well, there are restaurants there.  There's a restaurant
called Montage in the metreon.  The bonus there is that you can step
into the video arcade from there, and get sushi downstairs if you
like.  Hell, there's even a food court in there.  It's a bit like a
mall, though, and on fridays it's full of bridge&tunnel people going
to see movies.

	There's a number of hotels that have restaurants, as well.

	If you don't mind stepping away from SOMA for a while, we used
to hold the LinuxStammtisch at the San Francisco Brewing Company in
the North Beach neighborhood.  You need to walk a bit from the BART
station for that, though.

	Of course, there's always Zeitgeist at Valencia and Duboce.
It's got a good outdoor patio and if you're relatively early there's
some pretty good grub to be had (and the potential for visitation from
the tamale lady).  

	We could also meet at the place where we had the key signing
party, since many BAD people already know the way to that.

	If you get a little more specific about the requirements, I'm
sure I could come up with more.

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