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Re: i386-only packages: porting bugs "wishlist"?

On 4 Apr 2001, Bdale Garbee wrote:

> As the package maintainer, it's fine for you to update the Architectures line
> and close such bugs.  If you think it could be ported and would be good to 
> do so, you could at your discretion fix the Architectures line and change the
> severity of the bug to wishlist instead of closing it, but I don't personally
> see the point... it clutters the BTS.

It depends, IMO.  For example, given Alpha as the port, if there's already
support in the source for OSF/Tru64, then it may not be a large leap to do
the Linux port.  In those cases, it may be worth asking on the port list
if anyone's interested in trying to port it (or asking upstream) and,
depending on the responces, setting the bug to wishlist.  If there's no
plans or hope of getting something ported to the given arch, then I'd say
close it :-)


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