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Re: sensible-browser and sensible-image-viewer

On Wed, Apr 04, 2001 at 09:11:33PM +0200, Bill Allombert wrote:
> It will permit to solve painlessly lots of issue, for example
> dhelp (in potato) try hard to find a web browser if BROWSER is
> not set and default to netscape which is non-free. Several other
> programs launch netscape when they need a web browser. 
> (gimp,xdvi)

GNOME uses gnome-moz-remote for starting a browser, which is either mozilla
or netscape.

urlview uses /etc/urlview/url_handler.sh which starts either netscape or lynx,
depending on the existance of the programs and $DISPLAY, it can be configured
to start other browsers.

There are netscape and navigator alternatives, but mozilla does not currently
provide them (I'm filing a wishlist bug now).

dhelp uses $BROWSER, and defaults to netscape.

You're right, this is a mess. urlview would be my preference for a standard
web browser launcher for Debian. However, the script is not currently in $PATH,
there are a lot of web browsers not supported without changing its
configuration, and there is no support for user preferences. 

If these problems were fixed, it would make a great sensible-browser.

sensible-image-viewer on the other hand is not needed as 'see' works fine.

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