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Re: Task harden.

On Mon, Apr 02, 2001 at 12:26:53PM -0400, Aubin Paul wrote:
> This might be a little off, but why not have a Debian package called
> nullinetd, that just provides netkit-inetd, but is essentially empty?

Well that can be a thing. But packages that does not really need inetd
should not depend on it. I have heared that some packages do but
that should be changed. But of course I can add such a package
if people wants that. :)

> I've been doing that myself on my own machines, but something like
> that might be helpful if you're trying to avoid inetd... 
> Also, why not ship inetd.conf with everything commented out... I think
> you should have to deliberately open a service rather than have a
> virgin box with everything open.

Well if everything is commented out you do not need inetd... :)


// Ola

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