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Re: RFC: new update-inetd

-> > > > Won't this keep both xinetd and netkit-inetd from being installed at the
-> > > > same time?
-> > >
-> > > Yes, thus the Conflicts, too. They can't function simultaneously (well,
-> > > maybe in theory or in some corner case :).
-> > 
-> > Have reguluar inetd installed.  Use xinetd for a very small subset of
-> > services.
-> I'm not against it, but we don't allow it for mail-transport-agents or FTP
-> servers. The issues of purposefulness and consistency arise yet again...

well, two ftp servers can cooperate on the same machine. two
mail-transport-agents too...
they can listen on another interfaces or ports. 

but I think that all is non standard thing and could be done when
administrator runs:

dpkg -i --force-conflicts

and i think that's ok.

-> On second thought, I'd rather not participate in the flam^Wdiscussion that
-> will follow this post, so please forget that I ever said anything. :)

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