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Re: Sid and shared libraries...

** On Apr 02, Ben Collins scribbled:
> > Trying to compile anything against, e.g., SDL 1.2 installed from debs fails
> > just as above with only difference being that the above error occurs in the
> > libaa.so.1 library... So, my question is - is there any fix for the above
> > under the way? Or, where really lies the bug? Is it libc6, gcc, binutils or
> > ld.so?
> The bug was in gcc, and only on i386. So, right now the problematic
Oh, ok.

> libraries (libaa.so.1 and libX11.so.6) need to be recompiled with the
> latest gcc (2.95.3-9 or later). IIRC, xlibs is already rebuilt.
I've just updated to the latest Sid and the bug was still in libX11 - as I
wrote in the other mail, adding -laa while compiling the test suite for SDL
cured the problem.


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