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Bug#92139: ITP: cookietool - a team of programs for maintaining cookies database

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

 The ''cookietool'' itself eliminates duplicate entries, sorts cookies
 alphabetically or by size if you wish. The ''cdbsplit'' extracts parts
 of the database to a separate file, by keyword, by size, by number, or
 as groups of 'similar' cookies.

License: GPL

The upstream tarball (well, lhaball) was downloaded from:

The package can be downloaded from
-- this is an aptable repository, accesible at:
deb http://hell.pl/ baran/tek/linux/debian/
deb-src http://hell.pl/ baran/tek/linux/debian/

I'll upload this package just after (if ;-)) I become a DD (I'm waiting
for my AM report and further steps.)

best regards,

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[ BOF2510053411, makabra.knm.org.pl/~baran/, alchemy pany ] [ The Answer ] 

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