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Re: Development Versions of Kernel

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 09:07:46AM -0600, Benjamin Pharr wrote:
> However, most Debian users don't use unstable, but if we 
> wait two weeks for the development kernel to get into testing, another 
> kernel (possibly two) has already been released.  Is it possible that we 
> could put the new development versions of the kernel into testing at the 
> same time it goes into unstable.

With the new apt in testing this is no longer a problem. You can
select the kernel-image-* packages from unstable by adding the
following lines to your /etc/apt/preferences file[1], and add
unstable to your apt sources[2].

Package: kernel-image-*
Pin: release a=unstable,o=Debian
Pin-Priority: 100

Package: *
Pin: release a=unstable,o=Debian
Pin-Priority: -1


[1] This file is documented by apt_preferences(5). If it does not
yet exist on your system, create it.

[2] This does mean that you have to townload twice as much data
on apt-get update, But if you want to test the latest kernels
anyways, this won't be too much, I think.
16                      Hard coded constant for amount of room allowed for
                        cache align and faster forwarding (tunable)

-- seen in /usr/src/linux-2.2.14/net/TUNABLE

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