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Re: Development Versions of Kernel

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 09:07:46AM -0600, Benjamin Pharr wrote:
> However, most Debian users don't use unstable, but if we 
> wait two weeks for the development kernel to get into testing, another 
> kernel (possibly two) has already been released.  Is it possible that we 
> could put the new development versions of the kernel into testing at the 
> same time it goes into unstable.  After all, the purpose of this package is 
> to help find bugs and if it is broken 

My suggestion is to host a .deb repository at kernel.org with kernel .deb's
provided (and signed!) by kernel.org people. the old kernels would be removed
and new ones compiled, preferrably automatically and uploaded to the

The repository could run a custom made dinstall or some script alike and hold a
meta package that always depends on the newest kernel.

This way you would reach most of your goals, you would just need to publish the
source line somewhere that people could find it.

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