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Re: Development Versions of Kernel

On Wednesday 28 March 2001 01:33, Dave Baker wrote:
> For myself, I'd rather use kernel-package and build my own kernels
> whenever I want to test a development release rather than have it handed
> to me with effectively random configuration choices.  I'd like to suspect
> that I'm not the only one ...

I agree.  I think that anyone who wants to try the latest development kernels 
probably has requirements for their kernel that generic kernels won't meet.  
I will not consider using a Debian kernel because they don't have all the 
options I want compiled in, they compile in lots of things I don't need, and 
they are not optimised for the CPU I use.

There are lots of people who don't have the skills required to configure a 
kernel exactly for their needs.  We should not go out of our way to encourage 
such people to try experimental kernels because they are not likely to be 
able to produce good bug reports but they are likely to occasionally lose a 
system because of kernel bugs.

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