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Re: Development Versions of Kernel

For myself, I'd rather use kernel-package and build my own kernels
whenever I want to test a development release rather than have it handed
to me with effectively random configuration choices.  I'd like to suspect
that I'm not the only one ...



p.s. the package name 'kernel-image-development' could also be
misleading.  the other foo-dev names indicate files needed to develop with
or for 'foo'. 

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Benjamin Pharr wrote:

> I would like to package development versions of the kernel 
> (kernel-image-development?) so that Debian users could be part of Linus' 
> army of testers.  However, most Debian users don't use unstable, but if we 
> wait two weeks for the development kernel to get into testing, another 
> kernel (possibly two) has already been released.  Is it possible that we 
> could put the new development versions of the kernel into testing at the 
> same time it goes into unstable.  After all, the purpose of this package is 
> to help find bugs and if it is broken (which most development kernels have 
> very little wrong with them in general) and all one would have to do is 
> reboot and choose another kernel.  It's not like they'd get stuck with a 
> broken package.  Thoughts, opinions, comments?  Thanks!
> Ben Pharr
> bnpharr@olemiss.edu
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