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Re: Development Versions of Kernel

BP> I would like to package development versions of the kernel
BP> (kernel-image-development?) so that Debian users could be part of
BP> Linus' army of testers.  However, most Debian users don't use
BP> unstable, but if we wait two weeks for the development kernel to get
BP> into testing, another kernel (possibly two) has already been released.
BP> Is it possible that we could put the new development versions of the
BP> kernel into testing at the same time it goes into unstable.  After
BP> all, the purpose of this package is to help find bugs and if it is
BP> broken (which most development kernels have very little wrong with
BP> them in general) and all one would have to do is reboot and choose
BP> another kernel.  It's not like they'd get stuck with a broken package.
BP> Thoughts, opinions, comments?  Thanks!

IMHO It is very unlikely that some user that do not want to use
unstable packages will use unstable kernels - if he want stable system
why he should install unstable kernels? So I personally don't see any
reason to put develelopment kernels in testing.

BTW maybe best place for them is even experimental?

Ilya Martynov
AGAVA Software Company, http://www.agava.com

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