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Re: update excuses: what does "but foo is screwed anyway"?

>> Josip Rodin <joy@cibalia.gkvk.hr> writes:

 > >  mean?  In particular, if it's a valid candidate, why hasn't it been
 > >  installed already?
 > Because it depends on a package that is buggy and won't enter testing.

 Then it should not say "valid candidate".

 Oh... *that*'s what 4. means.  Ok, now I get it.  Is there *any* way to
 get this information on the report?  (Something like "tried to install,
 failed because of dependencies" or something along those lines?)

 > You could probably find it out by checking the status of all the
 > dependencies of your package WRT testing, and in particular checking
 > if those dependencies are installable on all architectures... IIRC
 > that stuff is in the update_output.txt file.

 Yes.  In principle, yes.  I'm left with this:

 tried: foo (0) 40 a-40
 tried: foo (0) 40 a-40
 The List
 foo: alpha: bar
 baz: alpha: bar baz
 xyz: alpha: bar baz

 I'm not interested in getting a particular package *in*, I'm interested
 in getting useful info *out* of the report (and having the method to do
 that documented somewhere)


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