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Re: Debian.org Passwords

I had a look at the userdir scripts, and they got me hooked
on the whole ldap concept (to manage users/domains for a client).

Being curios, I wanted to know how the setup was done "all the way",
but did not find the debiandeveloper schema in the CVS.
Access to samosa is restricted, so I could not look it up there either.
Also, when browsing db.d-o with GQ, fields are marked red because
the appropriate schema is not found / exported.

Could the schema be put in to the CVS aswell?


>> CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/userdir-ldap
>> export CVSROOT
>> echo | cvs login
>> cvs -z3 co userdir-ldap
>> Also RFC2307 makes interesting reading.  Enjoy :)

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