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Re: perl preconfigure bug?

On Wed, Mar 14, 2001 at 08:57:45PM -0500 , xsdg wrote:
> Hi.  I've already upgraded to perl-5.6 on one of my boxes.  Today, I tried to 
> upgrade perl, perl-base, and perl-modules, and received the following:
> >[root@~]#apt-get install perl perl-base perl-modules
> >Reading Package Lists... Done
> >Building Dependency Tree... Done
> >3 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 167  not upgraded.
> >Need to get 2801kB of archives. After unpacking 0B will be used.
> >Get:1 ftp://ftp.debian.org sid/main perl-base 5.6.0-21 [840kB]
> >Get:2 ftp://ftp.debian.org sid/main perl 5.6.0-21 [764kB]
> >Get:3 ftp://ftp.debian.org sid/main perl-modules 5.6.0-21 [1198kB]
> >Fetched 2801kB in 47s (58.6kB/s)
> >Can't exec "apt-extracttemplates": No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure line 66.
> >debconf: exec of apt-extracttemplates failed: No such file or directoryreadline() on closed filehandle main::INFO at /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure line 70.

[snip flawless perl configuration]

> (let's hope I don't have to point out the error...)

yes, you do :)) you're missing apt-extracttemplates. so install it
(it's in apt-utils)
				Petr Cech
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