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Re: portability as a goal for debian?

#include <hallo.h>
Andreas Schuldei wrote on Wed Mar 07, 2001 um 11:16:06AM:

> no, i don't.
> But debian seems to be the platform where i *MUST* use gnu tar.
> that is not the thing we want.

Sorry, what is problem with GNU tar? If you want to replace it another
tar implementation (i.e. star), then make use the current tar package
using alternatives system, and all other *tar packages will have to
provide at least a wrapper to make the command line options of this *tar
compatible with tar. Anyone against this proposal?

Same for /bin/sh: today, it is allready a symlink to a ash compatible
shell. I think, if a script uses some bash-specific stuff, the
maintainer has to define explicitely #!/bin/bash as the interpreter in
his script and define a dependency to the bash package.

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