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Annoying messages

I'm not entirely sure of where to send this, here or debian-user. Previous
technical questions of mine have gone here, but they were clearly unstable
issues. Anyway, ever since a recent upgrade, I've been getting an annoying
message sent to my console every half hour, interrupting whatever I may
happen to be doing at the time. It then shows up again when mailed to me
via logcheck. How do I stop this insane message to disappear, and, if it
is a security issue as logcheck reports, how can I fix it?

Here's the message:
PAM_unix[number]: (cron) session opened for user mail by (uid=0)

I've checked the syslog.conf, but can't find any reason why this would be
showing up on any virtual terminal, regardless of the user logged in, and
especially since it doesn't look at all like a wall.

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