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Re: ssh-2.5.1p1-1.8 problems

Looks like you have a libpam-modules problem.  You don't happen to have
libpam-modules 0.72-15 installed, do you?  To my knowledge this has been
corrected in -16, which should be propagating nicely now that it's past
3pm EST :).  An apt-get update && apt-get upgrade will pick it up nicely.

The culprit is any reference to pam_limits.so in /etc/pam.d/*, so if you
can't upgrade to 0.72-16, comment out all references to pam_limits.so in
all files in /etc/pam.d/*.


Daniel T. Chen | chenda@cs.unc.edu

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Svante Signell wrote:

> After install of the latest openssh vesion I cannot login with ssd (either
> remote or locally) any longer.
> non-root login:
> ...
> setgid: Operation not permitted
> ...
> sshd is trying to setgid, which file? Latest working version 2.5.1p1-1.3.

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